Issue #03 of the Im-Pressed series entitled 'Atomic'. Designed, edited and produced by Tim Hutchinson Design and Alex Cooper with contributions from a range of writers and designers. This issue explores the atomic theme against a backdrop of sustainability and climate change. Relevant history and human values are interrogated through the use of typography and language.

Brand identity design for the Visible Justice exhibition at UAL. The show provides a platform for artists, activists, journalists, human rights lawyers and civil liberties organisations working at the intersection between visual culture and social justice.
Branding and identity design for REEL LIVES film + screen exhibition 2019

Sample prints of the bespoke typeface design for the REEL LIVES 2019 film and screen exhibition identity + branding 

The new publication and exhibition edited and designed by Tim Hutchinson Design + Alexander Cooper ran from 15th September—15th October 2018 at Lower Gallery, LCC. The project explores analogue and digital typographic design in response to the theme of velocity.  ​​​​​​​
THD has completed a major process of designing a complete suite of print and digital template for UAL: This full set of over 750 individual,  multi-format brand assets will be used by a diverse range of staff and agencies to ensure high quality design and typographic treatment is applied across these brand outputs. The structure of the design system is engineered from the proportions of the existing UAL: brand mark and is complemented with a proportional type scale to assist with creating balanced hierarchies of information.

Sound.Type#1 for the Velocity project. A new typeface that is continuously changing in physical and digital states.


A new identity and campaign material for the new Portfolio at UAL. A platform for networking and collaborating between creatives, designers and artists.

New branding and identity design for Helion Partners, a media investment and mergers company


A new identity and branding applications for NanoMate research centre at the University of Glasgow.

School's Out is a collaborative exhibition project between Leigh Clarke + Tim Hutchinson Design. The first show is taking place at the Liddicoat & Goldhill Project Space gallery in Margate. It will be a celebration of posters designed and produced in Art Schools form the 1950s onwards. The show is from July—August 2018. All show branding and design has been produced by Tim Hutchinson Design.
Identity, branding and editorial design for Capital City exhibition that examines the current relationship between money and property in London—featuring work by KennardPhillipps
THD_Sentient is now available for purchase from


A great honour to design the manifesto for the illustrator and educator Paul Bowman. We digitised a bespoke vernacular style typeface for the project and they were printed on two different A2 stocks by GF Smith.  The piece became part of the recent exhibition to celebrate his life's work.
Newly designed book covers for C. Masser photography utilising the new branding approach by THD
A new brand identity design for C.Masser photography
'Hexline' Regular — new typeface revival design & prints from THD
'30 years on' campaign identity image for UAL incorporating all six sites
Stickers for UAL '30 years on campaign'—using the complete colour palette for all six sites
Promotional brand development for FilmForge—release information brochure cover for new films


Invitation cover designs for the annual Cudlipp lecture series at UAL—the use of initials plus strong colour set a vivid identity for each keynote speaker and their identity is revealed on the reverse.

To celebrate 30 years since the six London colleges assembled to form the University of the Arts London, a new festival of art & design will commence in 2017. We were delighted to create and design the visual branding for this season.
A new season and a new range of 'messaging' poster for LCC
The new, brighter guide to all courses at LCC—with new abstract graphic representations of the architecture and environment.

This is one of our animations for the new 2016 INTRO–OUTRO show at LCC. The animations are featured around the galleries providing information on the show along with with posters promoting associated events.

INTRO–OUTRO 2016 / external signage

We have just completed the art direction and design for a major exhibition, 'Imprint' in the main galleries at LCC. The show presents many treasures that have been stored within the archives from 1964—2016. The show articulates the development of the College within the environment and shows a fascinating visual timeline of design development during this period. The intended audience is the general public and launches an important Public Programme of events to link the LCC with the local community—it is free and open to all.
Gallery image, showing design work form the 1970s
Exhibition catalogue—we created a visual narrative of the decades throughout the publication with images of design work and local documentary photographs sourced form the archive that linked with a continuous essay within.
Gallery image—showing documentary photography and visual records form the 1960s. The colour tones of the walls change across the gallery as the work moves forwards through the decades towards the present.



The latest student Induction Guide for LCC
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